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Snaptik MP3 (TikTok MP3 Downloader)

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Download Background Music (MP3)


Background Music (MP3)

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Snaptik MP3 is a utility that lets you download TikTok videos’ MP3 i.e background music or sound. And you can save them in MP3 format.

Once the download is completed, you are able to use it for your TikTok videos

What is TikTok and how does Snaptikmp3 Work?

TikTok is a video-focused social networking platform that originated in China. In China, TikTok is known as Douyin. The platform hosts number of short-form user videos, like pranks, tricks, jokes, stunts, dances and other variety of videos. These videos’ duration is from 10 seconds to ten minutes.

Tiktok was launched in 2017 in China but it became available worldwide on August 2, 2018.

How does Snaptikmp3 Work?

In TikTok, you can only watch and share the video but you cannot directly download its audios and videos separately. Snaptikmp3 downloads and extracts the audio from the video and you can only download its audio version. Many TikToker needs that audio in order to make their own video. Just put TikTok URL on’s downloading bar and it will extract snaptikmp3 Lagu the audio. Snaptik mp3 downloader is the best downloader to download TikTok’s videos in mp3 format.

You can also download videos from snaptik mp4 (Video Downloader).

How to Download TikTok Background Music or Sound in MP3 form?

Open TikTok.

Select the video.

Copy TikTok Videos link by hitting the share button.


Paste the link into the URL bar.

Paste TiTok Video Link
Paste TikTok Video Link in the URL bar

Hit the download background music (mp3) button.

A window will pop up.

Download TikTok MP3
Download TikTok MP3

A new tab will be opened, there you can save the background music or sound to the device.

Snaptik MP3 Download Lagu

Snaptik MP3 Lagu (Indonesian/western songs) can be downloaded. SnapTik MP3 downloader is 100% effective in downloading MP3 from songs and videos in any language.


Is SnapTikmp3 Downloader free?

Yes, SnapTikmp3 Downloader is free. You can download unlimited audio and videos from our site. We will never ask for money or any subscription while downloading.

Is it safe or legal to save audio and videos from SnapTikmp3?

Yes, it is safe and legal to download audios and videos from Some private videos may not be downloaded through the app, because they have been not published to the public yet. While on the other hand public videos are safely downloaded.

Why I need SnapTikmp3 for TikTok?

It’s because TikTok does not allows downloading audio and videos from TikTok directly. Secondly, if you have downloaded any video from TikTok, you will find a TikTok watermark on that video. If you are a Tiktoker then you need audios and videos without watermark so you can reuse them for your own platform.

Thirdly, you don’t need to pay for the watermark. In, go to Snaptik MP4 (Video Downloader) and paste the Tiktok video link and click on download and it will give you two options “download video without watermark” and “download video with watermark”.

Where can I find Saved audios and videos on my phone and computer?

The videos you are downloading from SnapTikMp3 are saved into a folder set as your default. In browser settings, you can manually change and choose the destination folder you want to save the audios and videos.